Collecting & Disposing of Waste Correctly

Waste Concern has over 25 years of experience in managing waste correctly.

Through the timely collection of waste, dedicated sorting centers, recycling waste at an economical price, and providing awareness to the households, we ensure that the best service is provided to the customers and also emphasize on reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Around 70% to 80% of the waste collected by us can be recycled, hence reducing the amount of waste dumped at landfills.

Promoting Recycling Innovation

We have 1 transfer station for segregation of organic and recyclable wastes. So we already have started selling the segregated recyclables.

Creating Awareness in the Community

Waste Concern encourages households to separate their waste at home, thereby creating new business opportunities out of recyclable materials and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

We have also held various training programs around the country for local communities about Waste Segregation.

In 2017 we also conducted a survey on Household Waste Management of more than 480 households as a method of raising awareness and capacity building for our team.

Providing Employment Opportunities

Waste Concern employs more than 39 workers of various skill levels from various communities

To ensure the seamless and continuous service even during the pandemic, we provided COVID-19 Health insurance to all our staff as well as the PPE suits while collecting the waste.

We are an equal opportunity employer with an emphasis on uplifting the lives of those around us.